For patients new to the Smile Centre there is a New Patient Examination to look at your teeth, gums, prior restorations, soft tissues in and around the mouth and teeth and jaw positions. We also check individual teeth for decay, infection, wear, cracks, gum and bone recession, cracks and will assess the condition of  previous fillings and crowns.

This initial examination will take around 30 minutes and includes two x-ray views. We'll then discuss with you short and long term goals for your oral health before providing a comprehensive treatment plan for the future of your smile.

 Subsequent check ups will take about 15 minutes and the frequency will depend upon individual needs. For those patients who require a little more hygiene therapy at recall visits we combine a hygienist scale and clean with a dentist check up. We call this an Oral Hygiene Visit. Some patients will require extra visits with our hygienist, Kate Fairweather, and she will set an appropriate recall interval.

If you have pain or discomfort when you present for your initial examination, please tell us, as relieving pain is a priority.